Meet Donna - CEO and Founder of The FreeStyle App and your No Code Tech Coach

Meet Donna

My name is Donna, and i'm your No Code Tech Coach

My Story:

I was going through one of the toughest seasons of my life...I guess you could say I was somewhat in a state of isolation when I birthed the idea of The FreeStyle App.. Looking back at that time, I barely had the energy to do the things I enjoyed, let alone the energy to focus on creating something new. ‍ 

I’ve always been the type that family and friends turn to for inspiration and support, I genuinely care about helping others, and if you know me, well you know my family is EVERTHING to me .

So when my younger brother moved in with me during one the hardest times of my life... I guess I stepped into big sis mode... He was new to the city , looking for a job ‍, and well just trying to adjust. So naturally I wanted to help him.

He was juggling a lot, and I Didn’t always have the answers... but when he needed help finding a barber I knew that was one question I could help with


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